2022 Harford County Deputy Sheriff’s Union Candidate Endorsement

The Harford County Deputy Sheriffs Union is an organization that supports our members and advocates for the law enforcement profession. Moreover, the HCDSU serves to advance the interests of law enforcement through legislative and legal advocacy, political action, and education.

Accordingly, the HCDSU takes great pride in helping and endorsing legislators that have shown a sincere commitment in supporting law enforcement and providing resources necessary to advance the mission of protecting and serving our community.

Therefore, the Harford County Deputy Sheriffs Union, made up of over 300 sworn deputies, have recognized, and endorsed the following po11tical candidates who have sought the support, share the same commitment to law enforcement, and received over 51 % of the total votes cast:

Jeffrey R. Gahler, Sheriff of Harford County
Patrick Vincenti, President of the County Council
David Woods, Candidate for Councilmanic District A
Aaron David Penman, Candidate for Councilmanic District B
Tony “G” Gian9Jordano, Current Councilman, District C
James Reilly, Candidate for Councilmanic District D
Curtis L. Beulah, Current Councilman, District F
Alison M. Healey, Candidate for Harford County State’s Attorney
Teresa Walter, Delegate Candidate District 34
Walter “Butch” Tilley, Senate Candidate for District 34

Havre de Grace mayor supports Vincenti for County Council President

As the candidacy filing deadline approaches for elected office, i would like the citizens of Harford County to take notice that a very good man has thrown his hat in the race for the office of County Council President, Pat Vincenti.

Though I am aware of the partisan make-up of County Council elections, I would like to solicit support for Pat Vincenti in the most non-partisan manner.

I have had the distinct honor of working with Councilman Vincenti for the past three years. I can can without any hesitation or reservation that Pat is a man of integrity, honor, and sincere concern for the citizens he serves.

Being honest to fault, Pat is not a career politician. I firmly believe his desire to server is grounded purely in his passion to server all of the citizens that call Harford County home.

I am optimistic about the future of Harford County with Pat Vincenti as County Council President. I sincerely encourage the citizens of Harford County to support and vote for Pat Vincenti for County Council President.

William T. Martin
City of Havre de Grace

Harford government employees union endorses Vincenti for council president [Letter]

The Maryland Classified Employees Association (MCEA) Chapter 610, which represents a substantial segment of Harford County Government employees is proud to announce our endorsement of Councilman Patrick Vincenti in his bid to be elected as the next Harford County Council President.

Councilman Vincenti has a track record of advocating and voting for legislation that is in the best interest of the community for which he currently serves. Additionally, by knowing Mr. Vincenti personally, we truly believe that he is a man of honesty, integrity and common sense.

MCEA Chapter 610 is looking forward to working with Patrick Vincenti as the next Harford County Council President, as he and his fellow Council Members strive to keep Harford County moving forward for the benefit of its citizens and its businesses!

Michael Hiob, President

Rick Crosby, Vice President

Amanda Weyant, Treasurer

Jacob Sagner, Secretary

MCEA Chapter 610

Two education unions back Vincenti for Harford County Council president [Letter]

The Harford County Education Association (HCEA) and Harford Educational Services Council (HCESC) proudly announce their endorsement of Patrick Vincenti to serve as Harford County Council President .

Mr. Vincenti has been an exceptional council member. His attention to his constituents, dedication and honesty are exemplary.

Pat has shown a steadfast commitment to our students, our educators, our public schools and our community. He knows at the foundation of every successful community are great public schools.

Harford County Educational Services Council is very excited and looking forward to working with Mr. Vincenti to better serve our students and employees at Harford County Public Schools.”

We can’t imagine a better candidate for Harford County Council President or a more dedicated leader to serve our community. HCEA and HCESC are honored to endorse Mr. Vincenti for Harford County Council President.

HCEA and HCESC vet all candidates for endorsement through a careful selection process, which includes completion of a questionnaire and interviews with educators. All candidates are given the opportunity to participate in the HCEA endorsement process.

Ryan Burbey, president

Harford County Education Association

Donna Woodfield, President

Harford County Educational Services Council