Council President Patrick Pat Vincenti leads the seven member Harford County Council. He was first elected as the District E representative in 2014 and four years later the citizens of Harford County overwhelmingly elected Pat to the Office of Council President.

Pat is known throughout Harford County as “Compassionate Conservative” and a leader who rolls up his sleeves and works hard for the citizens of our County.

As Council President, Pat has taken the lead in revitalizing the route 40 corridor in the southern portion of Harford County. He has brought together stakeholders and facilitated positive development and changes that have improved the local economy and quality of life.

Public Safety is a passion of the Council President. Pat and his wife of 47 years, Jeannie, are strong supporters of our local law enforcement agencies and volunteer fire & EMS companies. Pat works closely with Law Enforcement Leaders and Volunteer Fire & EMS Companies to ensure our public safety professionals have the tools and support necessary to keep Harford County one of Maryland’s safest places to live.

There is no challenge or issue that Council President Vincenti will not address or take on if it will improve the lives of Harford County residents. The citizens of Harford County are fortunate to have a leader like Pat Vincenti serving our community.


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